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A story of two destined souls trying to find themselves in reincarnated lives.

I have always been amazed by past lives, spiritual connection we have with other people and reincarnation. In COSMOS I wanted to tell a fragment of the lives of two characters VENUS and SEVEN. Two beings from another galaxy, who have been meeting through the passage of different lives, two souls destined to be together but who do not achieve it due to the irony of time and the game of destiny.

VENUS, Sagittarius with Scorpio ascendant. With an overwhelming sensitivity and intuition. She travels on a path in which anguish and desire make her travel through dark worlds and a lot of loneliness. However, we can see a few brief moments of some of the lives that he has lived and the places in which he has reincarnated. The creation of his character was inspired by some scenes from movies such as Alice in wonderland, La la land, In the mood for love, among others.

SEVEN, Aquarius with Taurus ascendant. Adventure lover and passionate about justice. His character has led him to moments of great despair and sadness. He has had to go a long way in the search for his soul mate. In one of his reincarnations he was Ryan Gosling's stand-in in the movie Drive. His character was inspired by some movie scenes such as Blade Runner, Melancholia and in the Baroque paintings of the Netherlands.

COSMOS has been nominated and awarded at the most important Fashions Films Festival in the world. For this film, La Sister was awarded BEST EMERGENT TALENT 2020, at LONDON FASHION FILM FESTIVAL.

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La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival | Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival

Athens Fashion Film Festival | Australian Fashion Film Festival

‌Seattle International Fashion Film Festival | Chelsea Fashion Film Festival

Croatia Fashion Film Festival | Video Art and Experimental Film Festival

London Fashion Film Festival | Berlin Commercial | Creative Film Awards


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