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La Sister is a film director & writer based Barcelona.


La Sister is a director who gets involved in every detail of the project, who lets herself be guided by her intuition and who never doubt to take risks at a visual and narrative level for the sake of the film.


La Sister considers herself a pawn in command of the story.

La Sister always puts the same passion and dedication to all projects. For her, each story is a challenge to fulfil.

La Sister has an inner world with a background where reality and fantasy come together to create a unique visual world. The images in her head are in constant mutation.

La Sister has a BSC in Communication Sciences and graduated from Film School in Barcelona.

Las Sister was awarded as BEST EMERGENT TALENT 2020 at London Fashion Film Festival for COSMOS, a Fashion Film, written, directed and produced by her. LOS PEDAZOS DEL TIEMPO, her last short film was recognized as the BEST MEXICAN SHORT FILM 2020 at Festival Internacional de Cine de Autor.

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